National Circuit Assembly, Inc. merges with Austin Circuit Design, LLC

GARLAND, TX – FEB. 2021 – National Circuit Assembly, Inc. merges with Austin Circuit Design, LLC. 

National Circuit Assembly (NCA), a U.S.-based electronic manufacturing partner to entrepreneurs and OEMs nationwide, is proud to announce the expansion of its capabilities to include design and sourcing by merging with Austin Circuit Design, LLC, a Texas-based design and sourcing firm.

Since 2006, NCA has served its partners as the premier electronic manufacturing services provider with the distinct advantage of being a U.S.-based business. Its high-quality goods, flexible business model and dedicated Program Managers have helped build a capable company that prioritizes all of its partners. NCA earned certifications across several industries, including aerospace and defense, quality management systems and medical devices. These new heights are attributable to the trust put in NCA by its partners.

As a long-time partner of ACD, NCA understands the processes and ways that the design firm operates, and knows it fits in with their operations well. With the addition of ACD’s dedicated design and sourcing capabilities, the newly formed NCA combines years of experience across the contract manufacturing industry. Now, NCA and its partners can enjoy a more streamlined process, from walking in the door with an idea to having a finished product running out the door. NCA aims to reach a broader audience with the addition of ACD and their capabilities to the team.

“We’re excited to be bringing such experienced and talented designers into the NCA family,” NCA President Stephen Lehocky said on the merger. “ACD, in joining with NCA, has put in place the team and capabilities needed to take the company to the next level. We aren’t just thinking outside the box, we’re redesigning the box. We continue to uncover and manifest opportunities to grow our partners’ businesses and our own. We strive to provide inspiration to our team, our partners and to the greater community of product design and manufacturing.”

“NCA and ACD have worked hand-in-hand closely for several years already, and we’re looking forward to a smooth transition into working with our partners together,” said Minh Nguyen, former ACD COO and current NCA Vice President of Sales and Sourcing. “If there’s one thing we want to stress to our partners, it’s that the high-quality results they’re familiar with from ACD and NCA aren’t going away. If anything, we’re just getting started.”

With the announcement of this merger, NCA is also excited to announce the redesign of its company website, Not only does the updated website clearly depict the flexibility, passion and quality of NCA, but it showcases our upgraded design, manufacturing and sourcing capabilities that are now available to our partners. NCA would like to send out our appreciation to our partners and stakeholders who have made it possible to continue our growth as your premier U.S.-based partner. 

National Circuit Assembly (NCA) is a strategic, forward-thinking and local partner. We provide solution-based electro-mechanical design, manufacturing and sourcing services for simple to complex builds and everything in between.

For questions and more information please contact Mark Cottam, VP of Sales & Marketing, at or call at 972.278.2009.

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