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NCA owes its founding to the perseverance of our CEO, Mike Tieu. An immigrant, Mike’s dream was to start an electronics manufacturing services company. To accomplish this, Mike learned how to work every position on an SMT line, how to solder and how to work in a product assembly line as a temp for a staffing company. Then, in 2006, NCA came to be, and the rest is history.
You’ve heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” At NCA, that’s not the approach we take. Flexibility is a core tenant of our company culture; a flexible thought process and approach to problem solving is at the heart of everything we do. If it ain’t broke, it can still be improved.
So how does NCA stay flexible and still get work done on time? Our approach is simple. We focus on eliminating waste and stay in constant communication with our partners. We plan, test, and talk. And, above all else, we focus on results.

We are inspired by U.S. values and work to make America a better place for businesses big and small.

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At NCA, we work with you to create a strategic plan focused on creating value for your business. By analyzing our processes, starting with the sourcing and procurement to the final shipment of the product, we engage in continual process improvement while striving for process perfection.


We test all of the components at each step in the process. Our highly-trained team also uses its experience and knowledge to determine the right tools for the job. We ensure an accurate and high-quality deliverable thanks to our in-depth testing and evaluating processes. And, with each test, we put ourselves in your shoes and ask, “Is this the best product for this business?”

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One of the best things about NCA is that we are right here… literally. All of your work is done here in the U.S. No off-shore outsourcing by people half a world away. When you’re awake, we’re awake. When you have a question, we’re available to talk. When you’re facing challenges, we’re here with you every step of the way. Our Customer Relations team works diligently to answer your questions before you even have to ask. To us, we are all one team, and NCA wants you to feel the same way. 

We're right here, ready to work with you.
no passports, no jet lag required.

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