A printed circuit board is a small or large sheet of metal that conducts electrical currents and is the foundation of advanced technology. PCB/PCBA manufacturing providers may offer PCB design, layout, through-hole or prototype PCB/PCBA services to name a few.

Contract electronics manufacturing is the outsourcing of your product to be manufactured at a specialized electronics manufacturing facilities. And by specialized, we mean they only work in the electronics manufacturing industry. Some contract manufacturers (CMs) will provide services such as design, prototyping and new product development, while others may focus on PCB/PCBA, cable assembly and wire harnessing. Or you can find a CM that does it all. The thing to note is a CM is a partner you will be working with for a length of time, so the best thing to do is to find one that aligns well with your values and exceeds expectations in quality.

First and foremost, contact us! Our Program Managers can give you detailed information about what is needed, specific to your project, to get your product ready to manufacture.

Global supply chain has a multitude of solutions, you just need to know how to navigate around it. Our experienced procurement team has a network of global sourcing contacts to ensure on-time delivery of your parts and components that will ensure your product is made according to schedule.

The ISO 13485 Certification for Medical Devices allows companies to design and manufacture medical devices. It requires precision, consistency and a thorough audit of the company’s entire design and/or manufacturing process. With the medical device industry picking up traction and advancing at terrific speeds, finding a manufacturer with an ISO 13485 certification will provide you and your company with more opportunities to succeed and grow.

By keeping your product manufactured in the USA, you are protecting thousands of American jobs. Additionally, using a local manufacturer gives you better access to updates and questions and overall better communication for staying in the loop about your product because, let’s face it, time-zone differences are a pain in the neck!

We always put our partners first. That means keeping you involved every step of the way. From ensuring your idea is designed for manufacturability (DFM), appropriate to packing and shipping your product to its end-user, our Program Managers are trained and ready to make it feel like you’re here with us watching the production line piece together your idea into reality.

Repairing what can be repaired and reworking what needs to be redone. From minor repairs on products made in-house to full-build repair and rework on products made elsewhere, our team is dedicated to making your success our top priority.

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