Nine Reasons to Choose NCA


National Circuit Assembly is exactly that: national. As a U.S.-based business, we offer several benefits that you can’t get overseas. Shorter lead times allow for a quicker experience from start to finish, not to mention less headaches. As much as we love working with our partners, we understand that getting a finished product to market is the goal first and foremost.

Being based in the U.S. means more jobs for Americans, which leads to a boosted U.S. economy, directly benefiting consumers at every level. Most importantly, a reduced cost on deliveries and parts distribution means that the price of finished goods will be lower. Your wallet won’t regret siding with NCA.

2. your partner

NCA was founded on the principle of providing the best possible customer service experience. You’ll notice a difference in the care and focus we place on building and maintaining a professional relationship that goes beyond a business deal. We pride ourselves in being people persons.

Our partner-centric culture is rooted in providing opportunities for meaningful work, clear organizational direction, the opportunity to learn and accountability for individual performance. We guarantee that every step of your journey will prove that our priority is people, not profits.

3. flexible

Plans change, and no one is more aware and accepting of that than NCA. Rather than charge you exorbitant prices for product changes, we prefer to work with you and not against you. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to a changing environment is a major advantage that allows us to maintain strong partnerships with existing customers and capture new business throughout the sectors we compete in.

Flexibility has allowed NCA to become the premier provider of electronic manufacturing services. Our process engineers, Program Managers and purchasers work diligently to guarantee we can move with agility through the production and design processes.

4. quality

At the end of the day, none of our advantages mean anything if your product doesn’t work properly and efficiently. Luckily, NCA houses an outstanding quality control process, including dedicated employees and multiple levels of approval to ensure we get it right. As we earn more certifications and continually improve our processes, NCA can guarantee high-quality products and service in everything we do.

If you’re still not satisfied, we offer extensive aftermarket services that are guaranteed to solve any issues you might encounter. We are aware that the process isn’t over upon product delivery and we promise the highest quality in the industry.

5. extreme ownership

Extreme ownership means we are responsible for not just the tasks we are able to directly control, but also for those that affect whether or not we are successful. Our team prides itself on taking initiative to step up and mitigate any challenge that jeopardizes our desired results. Not once or twice, but every single time. 

Our belief in ownership doesn’t stop there. After a project is complete — no matter how successful the outcome — we always conduct a retrospective to identify what can be done differently to improve our processes for next time.

This cycle of continual learning and improvement is central to our belief that we can never become complacent and ensures our team has a platform to communicate ideas and suggestions that lead to individual growth and ownership. We don’t play the blame game, we problem solve and grow.

6. entreprenuerial

NCA was founded by Mike Tieu, a Vietnamese immigrant who has successfully established three different companies and manages a diversified real estate portfolio. As a self-made businessman, Tieu believes in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in others, and this generosity has become a cornerstone of our values and how we engage with our customers. 

We are familiar with the risk and effort that comes with growing a new venture and we are proud to support emerging businesses in unique ways, including offering flexible manufacturing schedules and “shared risk” pricing. This helps budding companies pursue their own American dream, similar to the desire Tieu had years ago.

7. innovative

Innovation is our promise to you. Every improvement to our products, services, programs, process, operations or business models is formulated with you in mind. We are dedicated to increasing the value we provide and enhancing the level of performance you’ve come to expect. We have several people on hand with the explicit task of improving our processes so that we can better serve our partners.

NCA’s endless pursuit of identifying strategic opportunities, our process for navigating intelligent risks and the ability to support you locally make us a unique and powerful choice as your trusted partner.


The beauty of the United States is how it serves as a mixing pot of races, ages, ethnicities, genders and ideas. In this way, NCA is a proud example of the larger American makeup. Our diverse teams include team members from all walks of life and we believe this variety creates solutions that wouldn’t be possible without it. 

In the design world, sometimes experience trumps youthfulness, and sometimes it’s the other way around. Good thing NCA has both. Our design, process and quality teams all consist of a mix of young employees with modern ideas and youthful energy and experienced employees who have seen everything the industry has to offer and know how best to navigate it. 

As a minority-owned business, we prioritize hiring the best people for the job, and that means not excluding anyone because of their age, skin color or beliefs. Every department up and down our organization, including Directors, Managers and our Executive Team, enjoys a mix of people that each bring something different to the table.

9. continuous improvement facility

“Complacency is man’s biggest weakness. It creeps upon us when we least expect it.” – Jay Mullings.

Rather than falling into the trap of just being good enough, NCA is continually working to be better than we were yesterday. We are constantly training and cross-training our employees so that they’re prepared to tackle any part of the design and manufacturing process. 

NCA effectively uses Continuous Improvement Programs coupled with state-of-the-art inspection and test equipment. Our employees are certified to IPC and J-STD-001G workmanship standards by dedicated in-house certified trainers.

Need Help?


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