10 Reasons to Choose NCA


National Circuit Assembly is exactly that: national. As an American-based business, we offer several benefits that you can’t get overseas. Shorter lead times allow for a quicker experience from start to finish. As much as we love working with our clients, we understand that getting a finished product to market is the most important step.

Being based in the U.S. means more jobs for Americans, which leads to a boosted U.S. economy, directly benefiting consumers at every level. Most importantly, a reduced cost on deliveries and parts distribution means that the price of finished goods will be lower. Your wallet won’t regret siding with NCA.

2. your partner

NCA was founded on the principle of providing the best possible customer service experience. You’ll notice a difference in the care and focus we place on building and maintaining a professional relationship that goes beyond a business deal.

Our culture is rooted in providing opportunities for meaningful work, clear organizational direction, the opportunity to learn, and accountability for individual performance. We guarantee that every step of your journey will prove that our priority is people, not profits.

3. flexible

Plans change, and no one is more aware and accepting of that than NCA. Rather than charge you exorbitant prices for product changes, we prefer to work with you and not against you. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to a changing environment is a major advantage that allows us to maintain strong partnerships with existing customers and capture new business throughout the sectors we compete in.

Flexibility has allowed NCA to become the premier provider of electronic manufacturing services.

4. High quality

At the end of the day, none of our advantages mean anything if your product doesn’t work properly and efficiently. Luckily, NCA houses an outstanding quality control process, including dedicated employees and multiple levels of approval to ensure we get it right.

If you’re still not satisfied, we offer extensive aftermarket services that are guaranteed to solve any issues you might encounter. We are aware that the process isn’t over upon product delivery and we promise the highest quality in the industry.

5. certified

NCA’s workforce is continually trained and cross-trained to meet customer expectations, ensuring and maintaining consistently measurable high standards of Quality, Productivity, and On-Time Delivery. Instead of taking our word for it, we have multiple professional certifications to prove that the NCA facilities and employees do not just meet but exceed industry standards.

The certifications we hold include AS9100D Aviation, Space, and Defense Certification, ITAR Registered with the U.S. Department of State, Occupational Safety Health Act Compliant, and Continuous Improvement Programs Facility.

6. entreprenuerial

NCA was founded by Mike Tieu, a Vietnamese immigrant who has successfully established three different companies and manages a diversified real estate portfolio. As a self-made businessman, Tieu believes in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in others, and this generosity has become a cornerstone of our values and how we engage with our customers. 

We are familiar with the risk and effort that comes with growing a new venture and we are proud to support emerging businesses in unique ways, including offering flexible manufacturing schedules and “shared risk” pricing. This helps budding companies pursue their own American dream, similar to the desire Tieu had years ago.

7. innovation

Innovation is our promise to you. Every improvement to our products, services, programs, process, operations, or business models is formulated with you in mind. We are dedicated to increasing the value we provide and enhancing the level of performance you’ve come to expect.

NCA’s endless pursuit of identifying strategic opportunities, our process for navigating intelligent risks, and the ability to support you locally make us a unique and powerful choice as your trusted partner.

8. empathy

Empathy is one of our core values and something we strive for every day. We know how important taking the time to evaluate and understand a different perspective is to both our internal and client relationships. 

Because NCA is a team of cross-functional experts, we collaborate outside of departmental silos and politics to put our clients’ results first. We are laser-focused on positive outcomes produced by teams that continually listen and learn from each other.

9. extreme ownership

Extreme ownership means we are responsible for not just the tasks we are able to directly control, but for those that affect whether or not we are successful. Our team prides itself on taking initiative to step up and mitigate any challenge that jeopardizes our desired results. Not once or twice, but every single time. 

Our belief in ownership doesn’t stop there. After a project is complete — no matter how successful the outcome — we always conduct a retrospective to identify what can be done differently to improve our processes for next time.

This cycle of continual learning and improvement is central to our belief that we can never become complacent and ensures our team has a platform to communicate ideas and suggestions that lead to individual growth and ownership.

10. environmental responsibility

We are committed to increasing our efforts around resource conservation, recycling, and waste reduction at the source. We integrate environmental impact assessments into all our strategic planning, anticipating adverse impacts from the production, distribution, transportation, use, and disposal of products and provide cost-effective recommendations. 

Our foresight and planning help reduce and prevent problems, provides a rapid, turnkey response if issues occur, and facilitates the sharing of information to support public awareness and confidence in our responsibility.

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