Sudarshan Chettiar

Sudarshan Chettiar  
University of Texas at Arlington 

Senior, Physics 

Sudarshan “Sudz” Chettiar is also a returning intern; he’s coming back for his second straight summer. With one year left Sudarshan plans to enter graduate school and pursue a concentration in Aerospace Engineering. His dream job would be working on a rocket engine.

“Something I want to specialize in is engine propulsion and more so future propulsion technologies.”

When asked what he wants to get out of his internship, Sudarshan said, “A lot of things I’m learning is how the process of manufacturing actually goes about. I’ve been able to apply the things I learned here last year to things I was able to do at school. Working here actually helped me learn a lot about how things should be down in an efficient manner, conserving time and money.”

If he could only listen to one album for the rest of his life, Sudarshan would choose Huey Lewis and the News’ “Greatest Hits” (2006).

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