A Culture of Entrepreneurship

NCA was founded by Mike Tieu, a Vietnamese immigrant who has successfully established three different companies and also manages a diversified real estate portfolio. As a self-made businessman, Mr. Tieu believes in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in others, and this generosity has become a cornerstone of our values and how we engage with our customers. Mr. Tieu is familiar with the risk and effort that comes with growing a new venture, and we are proud to support emerging businesses in unique ways, including offering flexible manufacturing schedules and “shared risk” pricing. This helps budding companies pursue their own American dream, similar to the desire Mr. Tieu had years ago, to provide customers with exceptional manufacturing and design services, made in the USA.

Six Reasons to Choose Local over Global

1. More Jobs for Americans

NCA has invested heavily in U.S. manufacturing. While we know there are lower-cost solutions in the world, we offer a more personal advantage. We believe in partnering with each customer and take pride in our flexible solutions and the craftsmanship required to ensure each product and service is the perfect match for our clients. Other countries may offer bargain-bin pricing at volume, but at the potential expense of quality and ownership if something goes wrong. Place your business in the hands of NCA, a company that cares.

2. Reduced Cost for Deliveries

Outsourcing manufacturing overseas is a common practice for saving on labor and production costs. However, the price of shipping products, materials, and components halfway around the world has skyrocketed in recent years. Because we produce everything in the United States, we are able to benefit from significant savings on inbound and outbound delivery and shipping costs, insurance, jet/ocean liner fuel, international taxes, customs fees, and more. Keeping our shipping costs low enables us to maintain reduced production costs due to less overhead and we pass these savings on to the customer. Shipping domestically and working with American delivery companies also comes with more peace of mind: knowing that you are saving time and money by minimizing the errors that can result from language barriers or currency differences.

3. Shorter Lead Times

Living in the age of “The Amazon Effect,” people have come to expect almost-instant gratification. To meet these nearly instantaneous demands, many companies who manufacture abroad must keep large inventory stores on hand in the United States anyway. This can end up being costly in terms of paying for storage space, employing labor to control/maintain inventory, and risking the product expiring or becoming outdated before it sells. By manufacturing locally, we help combat these risks by saving valuable time in the production process which, is critical to successfully weathering unexpected market shifts. When goods have less distance to travel to get to their distributor or intended retailer, they can be delivered more rapidly. This accelerates the sales process, enables more agile forecasting, puts money in your pocket sooner, and, most importantly, keeps customers happy and creates an environment where they are willing to buy again.

4. Environmentally Friendly

We believe it’s our corporate responsibility to minimize environmental impact wherever possible. Reducing international transit and delivery makes U.S. manufacturing the most eco-friendly option, saving both money and energy. This reduction in international ocean shipping, one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases, enables companies to produce a much smaller carbon footprint.

5. Higher Standard of Safety and Quality Control

At our local production facilities we are able to execute tighter control over the manufacturing process and employee safety regulations, reducing the potential for accident or injury. We are on the ground and ensure that all products comply with set requirements and specifications, and all materials meet safety and quality standards. If a problem should arise, we’re able to catch and correct it more quickly than would be possible with overseas manufacturing.

6. Homegrown Customer Service

Manufacturing isn’t the only part of your business that benefits from working with a local company. Customer service is an integral part of any company’s success, and the experience can be majorly influenced by the geographic location of the representatives. When response centers are located abroad, customers often feel a disconnect between themselves and the people handling their service issues. There can also be language barriers which can cause miscommunication between representatives and customers, and lead to problems and frustrations on both sides. Our service agents are U.S.-based, highly responsive, and expertly trained to solve any issue you may encounter.

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