Cutting wasted production time with pre-loaded carts

NCA’s dedication to continual improvement is visible throughout the entire company from the production floor up to top-level management. Our Vice President of Manufacturing, Mr. Eric Nguyen, improved NCA’s process time by 50 percent just from observing and figuring out how to best load the SMT machines.

A typical SMT machine used to take our team approximately 3-4 hours to load and unload parts. The manual process is both inefficient from a production standpoint and tiresome from an employee standpoint. Nguyen noticed this bottleneck and found a way to improve the loading process. By loading up reels of components onto a racked cart, our team could preload different carts with the right components for each project and wheel them to the SMT line. From there, they could input the reel into the equipment, ultimately speeding up the process by 50-65 percent. After a few efficiency tests, our team was able to move twice as fast as before, ensuring that the quality policy holds true to its state of high-quality production and on-time delivery.

Taking small steps towards improvement everyday will take the company from a 5k walkathon to an ultramarathon. The dedication NCA has to improving our processes shows in everything we do from partner interaction to process improvement. 

NCA is determined to continually improve each and every day. Our team is constantly trained and cross-trained to meet and exceed our partner’s expectations with the highest level of quality, production and on-time delivery.

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