How being local makes NCA the best choice

NCA prides itself on being a U.S.-based company. We’re headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and that’s where our manufacturing and design facilities have lived since our doors opened in 2006. So how can NCA being close by help your company?

First, we save you money and time on shipping. When dealing with an overseas manufacturer, your wallet can take hits from exorbitant shipping costs to get across the Pacific or Atlantic. Since NCA is centrally located in the United States, we’re closer than 1,700 miles from every major domestic city. Shipping to Seattle, New York City, Miami or San Diego is no problem as we can handle third-party logistics for you as well, sending your product straight to the source, saving you money again. Time is money, and having your design and manufacturing partner able to ship out products overnight will save you from endless headaches.

Second, it’s easy to get in contact with us. Chances are, if you’re asleep, so are we. When you’re getting into the office, we’re there too. And when it’s time to go home, we’re also clocking out. You won’t have to deal with phone calls from faraway time zones.

Third, we provide jobs to the American economy. As a minority-owned business, we provide equal opportunity to everyone. We keep our communities close and help put food on the tables of our families. We hire first-generation immigrants and bolster the Dallas manufacturing community. When you partner with NCA, you help keep jobs in the United States.

Fourth, our quality standards are higher. Other countries have looser legislation on medical device quality certifications. You’ll never have to worry about a product failing a certification or quality metric if it’s coming from NCA. We have dedicated Quality Engineers and Quality Control Specialists that work diligently to ensure every product meets both your standards and ours. If you’re having problems with the quality expectations of your current CM or design firm, let us know and we can make those problems disappear!

Finally, if you’re an entrepreneur with a dream and trying to find someone to take a chance on you, we understand you. Americans come from all different walks of life but we’re unified by the pursuit of our personal American Dreams. When our founder and CEO opened the doors of NCA almost 15 years ago, he was making his own American Dream a reality. We are willing to help out the little guys that other firms might not hear out, because we believe the American culture of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps can’t be done without a little help from your friends.

National Circuit Assembly (NCA) is a strategic, forward-thinking and local partner. We provide solution-based electro-mechanical design, manufacturing and sourcing services for simple to complex builds and everything in between.

For questions and more information please contact Mark Cottam, VP of Sales & Marketing, at or call at 972.278.2009.

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