Celebrating the Lunar New Year with the NCA family

Happy Lunar New Year! NCA wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous new year. The Lunar New Year is marked by the first new moon, which we will see this Friday. We’re entering the Year of the Ox, which is the symbol of hard work, honesty and positivity.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by many countries in Asia, and, for many cultures, is one of the most important holidays of the year. Celebrations can last from a single day to the entire lunar cycle — around 15 days — and many use this time to reconnect with immediate and extended family, wash out any bad luck and bring in good fortune. Because the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, the New Year is normally celebrated on different days every year, beginning from mid- to late-January to early- to mid-February.

The Zodiac officially dates back to the Han Dynasty over two millennia ago. It consists of twelve animals that many cultures associate with birth years. The Ox is the second animal of the zodiac cycle, preceded by the rat and succeeded by the tiger. It is believed that those born during the Year of the Ox are methodical, trusted, fair, reliable, calm and patient. The belief is that the traits of the Zodiac animal will be adopted throughout the year. Hard work will be rewarded, so be sure to do your best in all that you do!

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