NCA Values: Agile

Agility (n): the ability to move, think and understand quickly and easily.

NCA is home to many flexible thinkers who are always working to improve our products and processes. Our employees can turn on a dime and create solutions for our partners on the fly. Day-in and day-out, our purchasers, program managers and process engineers are communicating with our partners to help their dreams become reality. 

A partner came to us last year looking to create an industrial product to be used by cleaning services in hotels, daycares and other commercial locations, but their needs were constantly changing due to an evolving idea of what their perfect product would look like. Throughout the design, prototyping and manufacturing process, our engineers and program manager worked diligently to find a solution that fulfilled our partners needs.

At the end of our prototyping stage, we had found the perfect design that checked off each box our partner desired. The final product ended up looking nothing like what we started with and, feature-wise, doing over twice as much, but never once did we close up shop on the idea. Now, NCA will be solving another problem for our partner: shipping. We will shipping certain orders straight to our partner’s customers to streamline our supply chain.

One of our largest advantages is our unique combination of decades of experience and fresh outlook on electronic manufacturing services. We are able to look at challenges from multiple perspectives and enjoy different approaches before tackling the nitty-gritty.

A recent example of NCA’s in-house agility is with a new partner. NCA was tasked with designing, assembling and producing a Smart City technology that will make jobs across the country easier. After our first order, NCA president Stephen Lehocky decided we needed to make the assembly line more Lean Six Sigma-friendly. After reorganizing the production line and cross-training our employees, NCA was able to cut production time for a single unit in half. 

It’s easy to move horizontally when you’re standing still, but navigating obstacles can be more difficult in the fast-paced world of manufacturing. NCA champions the hectic environment of an enhanced contract manufacturer and we’re proud to go above and beyond for our partners every day.

We don’t work to make our job easier – we work to serve our partners. 

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