Safety on our minds

NCA is dedicated to promoting the continual growth, safety, and wellbeing of our employees. We provide continual instruction on proper measures to be taken when handling tools, machinery, and potentially harmful substances. On our floors, we have a volunteer safety team, who is committed to ensuring the overall safety of our employees. The safety team engaged in CPR and basic first aid training on site by the Garland Fire Department earlier this past year. They are easily recognizable by their company badges, which are marked with a red tag denoting them as part of the safety team.

In regards to COVID-19, NCA has been taking time and care to ensure the safety of our employees. NCA begins the day by taking the temperature of every employee and has hand sanitizer and sanitation materials placed throughout the building for daily cleaning of work and common areas. Additionally, NCA has limited the outside traffic of vendors that visit the facility to limit external factors that could potentially infect them with the virus.

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