October 2020 | NCA Overview

It is incredible how quickly this year has gone by. We are already into fall and NCA is beginning its fourth quarter. A lot has happened this year: We have dealt with COVID while simultaneously managing our growth, which has given us an excellent workforce that has worked hard this year. The leadership team is very thankful for their dedication and support.

We’ve shared a link to a TED Talk presentation on the Golden Circle. The key take away was knowing your “WHY.” As I reflect on this question for NCA, what comes to mind is, “To make the world a better place to live.” While at first this might be a generic statement, once we get into the details, it means:

  • Partnering with our customers to bring their products to market that enhance human lives
  • Providing our workforce and their families with what’s necessary to build a brighter future
  • Purchasing the highest quality parts to ensure the delivery of a superior product
  • Supporting our country and our values by representing U.S. manufacturing, its capabilities, and a robust and dedicated workforce focused on enhancing value and quality

An overwhelming number of people in our company immigrated to the United States with a passion for making a difference. At NCA, we honor that journey with the vision of creating a positive change in the world.

Stephen Lehocky

President, NCA

Watch Simon Sinek talk about why great companies don’t just start with what they do, or how the do it, but why they do what they do.

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