Women Empowerment

In schools, STEM curriculums are dominated by males. At manufacturing plants, positions of  power are dominated by males. Amidst this male-dominated field, NCA has a group of women determined to lead the company to success.

From working directly on the floor to being in the office, our team is admirable in all parts of the company. We strive to empower our employees and help them gain value by being at NCA. For example, one of our group leaders, Vi, is responsible for over a dozen employees working in aftermarket services. She started off as a testing operator and worked her way up to being promoted to group leader, a first level supervisor. Using the skills and knowledge Vi gained while working on the line, she is now responsible for supervising and helping her team to ensure they meet production deadlines.

Our Warehouse Manager, Carol, is a woman who has prior experience in a leadership position. As the manager for inventory, shipping, and receiving, she has a lot on her plate. But, she says, “[She] enjoys having the responsibility to manage [her] department and accomplishing goals. [She] is used to [being in] a male-dominated industry,” and she has never worked with a company that wasn’t that way. 

NCA has two strong women working as Program Managers, Tuesday and Vicky. Our Program Managers are responsible for maintaining and developing positive partner relationships. Tuesday is an outstanding program manager for six partners and when asked how it felt to be in a high ranking position in a male-dominated industry, she said, “It feels empowering as well as humbling, and [she] is grateful for the challenge.” Our other female program manager, Vicky, is an exemplary employee and a new mother (Congratulations!). On top of being a new mom, she is responsible for seven accounts, which makes her a very busy woman. She says that being in a male-dominated environment motivates her to want to do better and excel at her job.

Kristi is our Configuration Management Order Entry Specialist. She says she’s not really in a position of power, but we think otherwise. Kristi is involved in every project that NCA tackles, whether the job is big or small, and she has to have a complete understanding of everything the company builds. She says, “If you don’t know what you are doing, then you definitely won’t be taken seriously in this industry.” 

As a company that is woman co-owned with multiple women in leadership positions, we pride ourselves in being unique to the industry. NCA is growing exponentially within the electro-mechanical design and manufacturing industry space and we are excited to see how these women will take charge and push the company’s growth to new heights. 

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