NCA shares values and standards upheld within the company

As we approach the end of the year, we take time to look at this year’s accomplishments and begin looking at our journey into the new year.

This time of year is very family-oriented and I want to take a second to share a little about the NCA family. Values are the standards we hold ourselves to when we make decisions. This month, I will share two that align with the NCA family and partners.

Valuing People: NCA’s success depends on an engaged workforce that benefits from meaningful work, clear organizational direction, the opportunity to learn and accountability for performance. That engaged workforce must also have a safe, trusting and cooperative environment. NCA has a culture of inclusion that capitalizes on the diverse backgrounds and characteristics, knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of its workforce, partners and collaborators. NCA values all people who have a stake in the organization, including partners, community members, stockholders and all others affected by the organization’s actions.

Customer-Focused Excellence: NCA’s partners are the ultimate judges of our performance and regarding the quality of our products and services. NCA must consider all product and service features, characteristics, modes of access and support that contribute value to NCA’s customers. Such behavior leads to customer acquisition, satisfaction, preference, loyalty, positive referrals and, ultimately, the ongoing success of NCA’s business. Customer-focused excellence has both current and future components: understanding today’s customer desires and anticipating future customer desires and marketplace potential.

Best Wishes,

Stephen Lehocky

President, NCA

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