A strong entrepreneurial spirit and the American Dream

NCA is the ultimate example of the American Dream. Founded by a Vietnamese immigrant who came to the United States in 1979, NCA was just a pipe dream in the late 1990s. After almost two decades, in 2006, our founder and CEO, Mike, opened the doors and the rest is history.

To keep with the entrepreneurial spirit, NCA doesn’t shy away from giving a chance to the little guy. Several of our customers are where Mike once was: a small start-up with limited resources but an idea that can change how we interact with the world. Many larger contract manufacturers and design firms would never give the little guy a chance and that’s where NCA comes in. We’re proud that one of our differentiators is our lack of aversion to small businesses and start-ups. We believe that investing in innovation and supporting small businesses is the defining feature of American entrepreneurialism that we want to live, breathe and embody as a company.

We know that the best ideas come from competition and some type of need. With goliath corporations, you don’t always get the same dedication to constant improvement you’ll find with NCA. As a small- to mid-sized business, our distinct advantage is the ability to pour more resources into each of our partners — rather than having one person in charge of dozens of accounts, our Program Managers are tasked with a small selection of partners that they can handle with devout attention to each.

As we continue to grow, our promise to our partners, suppliers, employees and future connections is to always maintain the “little guy” mantra. Our customer service, punctual delivery and adherence to extreme ownership and going the extra mile won’t fade. In short, we’ll never get too big for our britches and we’re going to keep punching our way up. After all, it wasn’t long ago that we were a small fish in a big pond too. 

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