NCA empowering women in male-dominated industry

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As an electronic design and manufacturing facility, we want to bring to light a few members of our team who are hard at work to ensure the facility runs smoothly, our product quality is top notch, and we meet our delivery deadlines on-time. We asked these ladies a few questions about what they do and how they feel about working at NCA.

Kathryn L.

I’m a SMT Programming Technician. My job is to take files we receive from customers and program the SMT machines. Another part of my job is to help with problem solving on the manufacturing floor. At first, coming [into a male dominated environment] does seem a bit intimidating, but it really isn’t as scary as it seemed. I’m currently studying to be a mechanical engineer. Most of my classes are male dominated, so I’m used to being in this type of environment. While at work, I do feel like I am heard. However, it was not something I walked in and expected to be handed to me. I had to work to earn the respect of my coworkers.

Thuy T.

As a data analyst, I collaborate across all departments including program managers, engineers, quality, organizational leaders to collect information from a variety of sources. I try to make sense out of the massive amounts of raw data by using statistical tools to interpret it so we can develop insights based on the data. These insights can offer us ways to identify opportunities as well as diagnose problems that may be occurring, which enables us to make more informed decisions. I am lucky that I get to work in this fast-moving environment with so many people. I enjoy going to work everyday because I get to learn so much from working and collaborating with different departments. I think we all are working hard toward our common goal that is producing quality products to our customers. I feel heard and valued by organization leaders and the teams at NCA. My team values and listens to what I have to say, and my viewpoint is always heard and considered in the company, which I really appreciate.

Yang Y.

My job title is supply chain planning analyst. I compare and analyze the price and stock level from authorized distributors to complete quotes, then buy these components to meet the production planning. I analyze inventory data to ensure we do not have shortage or excess stock, and establish quality-oriented supplier relationships, monitor capability of suppliers to satisfy expectations of on-time delivery, quality, and price commitments. Everything is interconnected in the company. Successful cross-departmental collaboration ensures the supply chain runs smoothly and makes the company powerful.

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