MD&M BIOMEDigital 2021

MD&M BIOMEDigital – April 6 & 7, 2021

NCA safely attended the 2021 MD&M BIOMEDigital Virtual Conference earlier this month. As a small- to mid-sized business, our team utilizes trade shows and conferences as opportunities to network, meet new people and learn new things. With the pandemic-induced halt on large gatherings of people, our company was cut short one of its main lines to promote the NCA brand.

Although virtual, BIOMEDigital has provided NCA with the opportunity to network, once again, all while providing educational content regarding the medical device and technology industry. The platform was optimized for ease of networking — which we appreciated and utilized during the two-day conference — and encouraged discussion with a chatbox for all viewers to discuss what was being presented at the time.

We are thankful to learn more deeply about medical technology and where it is headed in the upcoming future. We’ve learned the best way to produce high-quality products is to know more about what the device does, who is using it and why it is being used. With our ISO 13485:2016 medical device certification on its way, the NCA team has been learning more and more about the medical device industry and medical technology to better serve our partners. For medical device users, the quality of the medical devices they use can be the difference between life or death. NCA understands the risks of having a product that doesn’t live up to quality standards and that is why our team is determined to continuously learn and gather information so we can provide the highest quality products to our partners.

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