Reasons you should find the right “Made in the USA” partner

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What does it mean to have a “Made in the U.S.A.” label on your products? Typically, it means higher quality, lower shipping costs and supporting American businesses. It implies your product is a premium item made with the utmost care and attention to detail, which is essential in the electronics design and manufacturing industries. Offshoring may sound tempting with the low cost of labor, but with the continuation of the Buy American program, reshoring might just be the next big thing.

Still wary about keeping your production onshore? Keep reading. Below are NCA’s top reasons to manufacture with a local partner.

  • Quality always is and always will be the top priority of every company. This includes the quality of the product, service or even the experience of working with a contract manufacturer (CM). By working with a local CM, you not only get the quality benefits of an American manufacturer, but you also have the opportunity to physically see the steps taken to ensure your product is made with the highest quality and care. Design layout and PCB manufacturing and assembly are services that require the highest sensitivity to detail and precision. Sourcing high-quality parts demands having a wide network of contacts to supply you with what you need. Choose a CM to partner with that doesn’t diminish their quality of work in exchange for a discounted price.
  • Communication is the key to all successful partnerships. Proper communication benefits you from all angles. By partnering with a local CM, you don’t need to worry about miscommunication due to a language barrier or receiving a call at strange hours of the night because of time differences. Communicating locally means that the CM’s attention is solely on you to ensure that you succeed. At NCA, our program managers are your direct line to the production floor. They’ll keep you updated on your product, communicate any changes you make to the production line and guarantee you have the best partner experience with the company.
  • Timing plays a major role in your overall success. Getting your product made and delivered on time and according to consumer demand is expected of brands all around the world. By partnering with a centrally located CM like NCA, the time and distance it takes to get all the material for your project and ship it off to the customer are cut drastically; meaning you’re delivering more product to your customers.

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