American Manufacturing: 7 Reasons to Choose a Local CM

Are you tired of dealing with supply chain issues, communication delays and long lead times? What about all the other hassles that come with an overseas contract manufacturing partner? Choose American manufacturing, like NCA, and watch the headaches disappear.

History of American Manufacturing

More and more companies started moving their manufacturing operations to China and other overseas countries in the 1980s, resulting in China surpassing the United States as the world’s industrial superpower in 2010. Now, companies are moving out of Asia. The reasons vary: China’s legislation, the desire to keep manufacturing in the States, trade tensions, etc.

More than 76% of companies with a majority of their manufacturing operations in China were in the process of or considering moving out of China, according to a 2020 UBS Evidence Lab study. Some of these companies included Nike, Apple, LG, Dell, Google and Adidas. And it wasn’t just American and European countries — Japanese and South Korean companies half left China in large numbers.

Some of these industries are no brainers — it only makes sense that American defense manufacturing be done in the United States. Medical device manufacturing should be done in the country where the devices will be used to save lives. Here’s why you should consider choosing American for your electronic manufacturing needs.

No Communication Delays

Depending on where in the United States you are, your overseas contract manufacturing partner could be as much as 12 hours ahead. Not only does this make reaching deadlines tricky, but it also means you’ve probably been up in the middle of the night on a phone call about some problem or another.

With a centrally located, local manufacturing partner like NCA, based in Dallas, Texas, your time zone will never be more than two hours different from ours. And, if you need to come out to tour the plant or meet us in person, it’s less than a 4-hour flight from Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine.

Short Lead Times

When you don’t have to ship across the Pacific Ocean, you can get your products quicker. Overnight shipping to anywhere in the country means you can get your finished product within 24 hours. When you get your product quicker, you can get it to market quicker, meaning you’ll be making money before you know it.

Some American companies like NCA can even handle the third-party logistics for you. We can ship your finished product straight to your customer, saving you even more time and money. Low-volume prototypes or high-volume production, we can handle it all.

Higher Quality Standards

If you’ve been dealing with a contract manufacturer overseas, it’s almost a guarantee you’ve received at least one shipment that just doesn’t meet your quality standards. It probably left you scratching your head thinking, “How could they have packed this and shipped it to me like this?!”

American manufacturing standards are just higher. Part of it is the legal structure in place, and some of it is the feeling of pride in our work that every American has instilled in them from a young age. NCA currently has certifications in ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Manufacturing, ITAR, AS9100D Aviation, Space and Defense and ISO 9100D:2015 Quality Management Systems. Our Process Engineers are also constantly finding ways to introduce Lean workflows into our facilities.

Is a cheaper product really worth getting a worse product?

American manufacturing means your products won't be stuck in shipping yards waiting to be unloaded.

Lower Shipping Costs

We touched on this earlier, but when you don’t have to ship across a 12,000-mile-wide ocean, you can save time and money. NCA ships straight from our headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas, and can get overnight shipping straight to your or your customer’s doorstep within 24 hours.

Save some money on the shipping and pick a partner that’s stateside.

Less Environmental Impact

Again, that ocean muddies things up. Shipping freighters produce around one billion (1,000,000,000!!) metric tons of carbon every year. That’s a crazy high number! You can remove millions of tonnes of carbon emissions simply by choosing to work with an American manufacturing partner.

The United States also has stricter environmental guidelines than countries like China, meaning a company over here has to take certain measures to not totally destroy the planet. China alone produced 28 percent of the world’s greenhouse gasses in 2019.

You’ll rest easier at night knowing your product isn’t somewhere in the Pacific putting off tons of pollution.

Better Labor Practices

We all know the stigma surrounding labor practices in Asia, so let’s not waste time diving too deep into that. American manufacturing companies operate with more humane labor practices.

When you receive your product, you’ll know it was assembled by well-treated hands that care about the work they’re doing.

Supporting American Businesses

Lastly, the best reason to choose American manufacturing is that you’ll be putting more money in the pockets of American citizens. They can then spend that money within their local and national economies. Americans will be able to put food on the table for their families and live happier, more fulfilled lives thanks to your partnership.

There’s a certain comradery in working with a fellow American company. You’re both supporting each other’s American dream and making the country a better place, all while making some cash.

Plus, you’ll be able to proudly say your product was “Made in the USA.”

Ready to switch to American Manufacturing?

Choosing a local contract manufacturing partner that’s based in and operates in the United States can be a gamechanger for your company. It’s a healthier, more efficient way to do business. Don’t get left behind in the dash back to stateside manufacturing — call NCA today!

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