NCA makes leaps toward paperless production process

Every April 22, people across the globe celebrate Earth Day to show support for environmental conservation efforts. At a UNESCO conference in 1969, activist John McConnell first proposed the idea to honor the earth. The first Earth Day was focused in the United States and served as the largest single-day...

J-STD-001G Training

Our employees are constantly trained and cross-trained in order to exceed the expectations and the standards of the electronic manufacturing industry. This past October, we sent a small group to be trained and become certified in J-STD-001G training, so that they could come back and train the rest of our...

Women Empowerment

In schools, STEM curriculums are dominated by males. At manufacturing plants, positions of  power are dominated by males. Amidst this male-dominated field, NCA has a group of women determined to lead the company to success.From working directly on the floor to being in the office, our team is admirable in...

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