J-STD-001G Training

Our employees are constantly trained and cross-trained in order to exceed the expectations and the standards of the electronic manufacturing industry. This past October, we sent a small group to be trained and become certified in J-STD-001G training, so that they could come back and train the rest of our employees. Unsurprisingly, all of them passed then proceeded to train the rest of the NCA team.

Our employees learned all about industry standard rules and requirements for manufacturing and assembling circuit boards. This includes all the requirements for SMT assembly, through hole, cabling, cleaning, soldering, conformal coating, and practically every process we conduct on the production floor.

Our production floor team and our program managers went through the J-STD-001G training. By learning these rules and requirements, the NCA family and team can provide a superior level of quality and service for each and every one of our partners.

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