Sustainability at NCA

NCA is embarking on an environmental mission to become a cleaner and greener manufacturing and design business. We are rolling out a project directed at cutting out paper and moving to a completely digital workflow. Our goal is to dramatically reduce our impact and lead the industry to higher environmental standards.

Our facility is conscious of where we put our manufacturing waste. NCA uses four different recyclers and specialized waste facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

What does NCA send off to these facilities? Well, we send out anything that is contaminated with chemicals such as solder, lead, paste, etc. We also send out our light bulbs and different types of batteries.

Responsibly disposing of our waste is very important to NCA. Not only does it protect the planet, but it protects communities living in areas that would be affected by improper disposal of toxic waste.

Not only is the design and manufacturing firm cutting down on its paper usage, but they are also gearing up for an environmental makeover.

NCA will be implementing recycling bins around the facility to give easier access to employees in the office and on the production floor for daily recycling. This month is highly important as it will be the education period for our family and team to learn of what is and isn’t recyclable.

We will be teaching our team members what should and shouldn’t go into the recycling bins and what cannot during our monthly company meeting. Additionally, at each recycling bin, we will be posting signs of what can and cannot be recycled, in English and in Vietnamese, to serve as a constant reminder to our team.

Changing daily habits is tough, but this push toward a greener and cleaner way of living and operating will benefit not only the earth, but our company as well. Let’s take steps together toward making a positive impact on our environment!

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